Glory is fleeting. Only worthy triumph endures. Leave your comfort zones and rediscover what truly matters with the Albany Ama Diver.

Our designs resonate a time when the world was undiscovered and full of wonder, influenced by the true stories of pioneering trailblazers.

We celebrate these lesser-known traditions and adventurers. Whose feats of determination have lived to be told. Waiting to be discovered. Destined to inspire.



The ama Divers of Japan

Individual recognition is not why the female Japanese ama divers descended 30 meters below near-freezing waters with nothing but their fishing nets. For the ama (meaning Sea Women), retrieving seafood for survival and abalone for emperors was an honor, and not for their own glory. Their training would begin at age 12, and they would dive until age 70 or 80. Theirs was a lifelong commitment. To nourishing their inner underdog. Answering the challenge. Conquering their limits. And discovering a wealth of substance that lies beneath the surface and beyond the shallows.